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Friday, November 5, 2010

keep save it!

Disaster, the word that nobody likes it. Nobody want disaster, nobody love disaster!
But, nobody knows where, when disaster will come.
We can't stop it, we can't set "disaster".

Indonesia, so many people here. But nobody knows that they will hurt. It same to me, I don't know that I'll hurt, I'll feel very sad, cry or more uncomfortable.

Now, Indonesia feel that. All spaces are crying, hurting because disaster. But, one thing that they never think is what are they doing before, did they think about the flora, did they think about trees that were hurt because human! NO, they didn't thik about all of that. They are jut thik about theirself.

PLEASE, don't just think about yourself. You must thinking about what is in around you! GOD will be more tolerance with us if we save what is in around us!

Don't just pray, please do the best for you, for your life, for our life! FOR SURE, We will be better if we want to save what is in around us, keep clean our earth, try to make our earth be more comfortable, be more health,etc.

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